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American Wealth Strategists is a business support firm that has targeted expertise and optimizes the success of its clients through tax, legal, and wealth multiplication strategies. 


Our firm began in 2000, out of Henderson, Nevada, with its founder Casey James who founded the firm based on his own personal needs.  


Frustrated with the average advice of his bookkeeper, CPA, and his lawyer, he sought out the expertise of those who were advising the wealthy and began to form a family and friends only business support firm.

American Wealth Strategists are ideal for business owners seeking to maximize their results and compound their wealth in legal and ethical ways using the intelligence of American legal instruments, structures, and systems.


We have clients from all over the world that use the power of the American laws, governance, and institutions to multiply their wealth and at the same time safeguard it with the strength of American democracy.


After 20 years of reviewing and adapting to hundreds of business owner's challenges, we have developed systems to optimize every business owner's visions and empowered them to live life better...

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